Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is Walter Shrum beind new Dyer Bigfoot hoax

Walter Shrum contacted me a few weeks ago about being on his next album cover. Walter has been writing Bigfoot songs for years, and has even been on Coast2Coast radio with George Horry. I agreed to do it and returned the self addressed envelope with signatures inside. Considering who was involved in the project, why not.

This was his initial message to me from Facebook.

"iam a song writer putting together a cd of bigfoot songs u might have heard a couple of them any i was wondering if you would give me your autograph for the cover of the cd it will be the stars of the bigfoot not sure title yet heres whos i have right now rick dyer, matt moneymaker, bobo, cliff ,ranae ,dallas and wayne, shawn evidence ,drick randles, jusin smeji , our you interested in this its going to be a tribute to the stars of the bigfoot "
thanks walter shrum

Now that his property was used to find the Bigfoot, and he is certifying its real, was the signature campaign an attempt to embarrass the top of the Bigfoot world?

If so, he is the only one with egg on his face.

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