Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Florida Skunk Ape is real

There are all kinds of strange things in florida. It is full of lush tropical vegetation and swamp waters. Animals are here that don't belong here. Its not just Honey Island that may have a Bigfoot type creature walking around.
The photo shown here was taken by Dave Shealy of south Florida. He was in the Everglades one day with a video camera he borrowed from a friend.
He had been observing this area for weeks from a tree stand. This happened to be the same area he had a sighting when he was a kid. Well,  this upright hairy thing walked right in front of him and he shot this video.
Many believe this video was hoaxed. No matter what. Shealy will be the star of an upcoming reality show about Bigfoot on the travel channel. Way to go David.

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