Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dyer and team have photo of Bigfoot hanging upside down

What Robert Lindsey said:

Robert Lindsay
I saw a creature laying on the ground and then 45 minutes later tied upside down between two trees... That creature was totally covered in brown or redish brown hair... Only his feet, hands and face were partially not covered in hair... The hands were large and blackish and so were the feet... But his humanoid face was bluish looking... Both Rick and I spoke about how blue his face was... Mr Dyer allowed me to see this by iPhone FaceTime ...

Very broad shoulders ...

Earlier Rick mentioned 5' 10'' & 350 to 400 lb , guesstimation , I'd say he's a Shorty Sasquatch .

Rick said anyone could come and see it. I'm in Maryland so Id love to see it:) Rex A. Dutton Walter Shrum drove for hours at Mr Dyer's invitation and saw the body with his wife... So proud for Walter... "Searching For Bigfoot" is a great song!

And the nose is wide at the nostrils and yet skinny on the bridge...weirdest thing is the facial skin not covered in hair is blue... But the eyes are huge and alien looking... Does not look human and does not look like an ape... Oh, and the back of the hand is not hairy, but leathery, almost looks like an armored glove...??? Just thought you guys would be interested They started taking precautions ... Against parasites and diseases... As you saw... And it smelled bad... Think that about sums up about all I know that I am allowed to share... Official confirmation tomorrow... Then wow!

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  1. Reddish-brown hair?...in the pics Dyer has posted...it looks dark brown or black...
    Cut the bullshit...

    1. Dyer must have read this, his newest photo is black and white.
      Either he read it or Tim told him.
      Are you in on this Tim


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