Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bigfoot and thumb mobility

This could be a non-human ape thumb according to Dr. Meldrum
At the Bigfoot conference in Orlando, I saw on display Dr. Meldrum's footprint and knuckle cast. The Knuckle cast may be important for it shows a wide mobility of the thumb greater then wood apes. I found this on an interesting blog about zoology:

Paranthropus had a slightly larger brain to body ratio than chimpanzees, so it likely would match the intelligence reported in wood apes (although other nonhuman apes are certainly intelligent). Also, the known tool use for Paranthropus are simple digging sticks, which means that it likely employed very little tool use. One issue for the Paranthropus hypothesis is that hand skeletons which have been attributed to these robust hominins indicate greater thumb mobility than what is shown in alleged wood ape hand and knuckle prints. However, remains of Homo have also been found at this fossil site and the hand skeletons, along with the evidence of fire use and stone tools which have been found there, likely belong to them rather than to Paranthropus. ..Bizarre Zoology

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