Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A campfire with wet wood

After the heavy rains, we had to get a fire going. My theory was right that the outside of the wood was wet but the interior was dry. Once we got it going, it burned all night. I am not camping without a campfire. No way.

A large pile of dead fall allowed the fire to burn all night. There were thick fuel logs still burning at first light. It was a wonderful night with brilliant stars in the sky.
The research area after the rains. looks like of spooky?
An amazing sunset over the swamp Bigfoot area

This video was on the forest road just as the sun was rising. You can hardly see it.

The rains did cool things off and amazingly there were no bugs!!!! How you can go into this area in August and have no bugs is beyond me. I was greatful, indeed. I wanted a little coffee and there is nothing more higbrow then campfire coffee. Ummm good.

The only pot I had
Campfire coffee in a circle K mug
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