Monday, July 7, 2014

Stacy Brown Jr and the Myakka Bigfoot hunt

Stacy and Matt headed toward the tree line on the other side of the Savannah
after setting the footprint cast
Have you ever had one of those days you will never forget? I have. I had an opportunity Saturday to work with a true professional in the field of Bigfoot - Stacy Brown of Florida - and it could not have been a better experience. He lead an outing into the main Savannah of Myakka River State Park where there had been a recent Skunk Ape sighting and the shooter was with us on the trip. Steve Kulls always says boots on the ground investigation is needed for all Bigfoot sighting claims. That is what we were doing. The area was loaded with prints. So while we waited for it to dry, we went deep into the wood line on the other side and along a power line system before making our way back to the print cast that had settled enough for Stacy to remove it from the ground.
Stacy mixing the casting material
Now I don't know what the final result of the casting will be. Stacy will determine if its more human then Bigfoot. There are clear differences in both. For example, the footprint below is from a member of our party. They left it on the bank of the Myakka river before crossing. You can tell just by looking at it that is human and not a Bigfoot. That's an important distinction.
Human print on the bank of the Myakka River
The toxic mixture

The casted print

It takes about two hours in the low humidity and hot temps of Flroida for the print to dry. That is why you can head out on a large front and do more research as you  make your way back to the print. You cannot always cast prints. They won't set well in water or with lots of grass or roots. Again, this can be hard work and Stacy seems more then up too the task.

Stacy setting up
We left the area where the print had been cast and headed for the tree line on the far side of the Savannah. The area was loaded with animal trails and we did find what looked like a Sasquatch hunting blind. That was beyond cool. Something very large was making prints a pushing down the sawgrass out here and it was not just pigs. Stacy measured another one to be 15" which now seems to be the standard. In the photo below you can see how far we are from the main road. It would be very hard for anyone to see us at this spot.
Matt inside the blind
Stacy measuring the pint in the sawgrass

You can see how far the tree line is from the search party

A worn animal trail out there
A massive trail leading into the tree line

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