Sunday, July 27, 2014

Matt Moneymaker will never find Bigfoot

FINDING BIGFOOT will never find Bigfoot. I am watching the Four Corners show and again they refuse to get off the forest roads at night. Why? You howl but refuse to go INTO the woods. Are you a pussy? We take the forest roads TO GET INTO AREA. Then, we go INTO THE WOODS. What is wrong with Matt Moneymaker? Do they really want to find Bigfoot? Do they need lessons? I would be willing to teach. This photo is our team in route to area on the forest road. Then, we GET AFTER IT. MM stop jerking our chains. With your resources, find Bigfoot or go home. As we say in the south
..shit or get off the pot..
I suggest his camera crew defect and come to Florida. My boys will show the goods with no "did you hear that."

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