Deploying the final trail cam for summer
Night Fall in the swamp

Tim Fasano Bigfoot hunter

Tim Fasano during the last trail cam deployment

I do the work and put in the time. The purpose of this blog is to put up photos and images that augment my YouTube channel. Pretty cool, I think.

This was posted in the Green Swamp

My experience is the less people have to read, the better. People want to see images and video. A little blurb about what is going on is fine. Since all my work is in acquiring images and video, this type of blog format is what I need to be doing.

Sunset on the Green Swamp

My team and I do a lot of camping. We go into deep areas that most people never see. We also do a lot of night hiking after the sunsets. This is what its all about. You must get out where the big guy is at. Public parks are not good enough. Believe me, this much work, but worth it. 


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