Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Seminole Skunk Ape location project

This short video will give you the general idea of the Seminole Project and what we are attempting to accomplish. We take the responsibility seriously that the Olympic Project has bestowed upon us by lending us the cameras and we are doing our best to make this a success. We have put in a tremendous amount of work to secure the perfect areas for a possible finding. Let me explain.

The areas we have found were test run first after scouting the areas for evidence of natural resources. Water, vegetation, cover and seclusion were high on the list. If we could go for hours without ever seeing another human being then we knew we were in the right areas. Test runs of the Reconyx RC60 stealth cams proved the areas were teaming with wildlife. We then set a permanent deployment for a November media card and battery change out.

All is set and now the areas are full of swamp water and bugs. We could not realistically get back there which is good. Nobody else could get back there as well. With the change of season in November, all should be well.

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