Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Green Swamp Campout

This was our camp last November at the Green Swamp. We had been out most of the night and people were sleeping. I was the last man to go to bed because I was enjoying the stars in all their brilliance. You cannot see this from the city and I can't tell you how beautiful it was. In the morning, Josh got the fire going and I was looking for the instant coffee.

You have to start a good fire in the morning. We have a tradition, using the photography skills of Rob, of getting a nice morning shot of the campfire.

Never let a fire go to waste. I need instant coffee and eggs and bacon. Yum.

The guys last night were using some cool equipment when we were on Bigfoot night operations.

I think we had about seven tents out here. I'm amazed at how much camping gear I have accumulated since I got into Bigfoot research.

Some tired guys in the early morning.


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