Thursday, June 12, 2014

Investigation in the Bigfoot sighting zone

A7QyEN8CAAArn6FKevin and I were able to get back out to the Sasquatch sighting area Thursday. Our hope was that since the area was fresh, there may be evidence at the scene. The terrain would be just like it was 10 days before so we were able to do test that determined the height of the creature.
Using a bamboo pole and having each one of us stand behind the palmetto line, we did test from the shooting angle to see how tall it was. Our conclusion was it was upwards of seven feet. That is why he may have been having trouble hiding for he was out in the open and not directly along the line.
Kevin had a parabolic mic which many in Bigfoot are using now becasue it can pinpoint sound from quite some distance. The day we did the follow up investigation there was, of course, not much going on. That is the nature of this business. Exposure increases your odds. That is how I got lucky the other day.
I believe the Bigfoot that was video taped in Florida was standing 20 feet behind the palmetto line. We discovered a hard packed dirt horse trail in the open that would be consistent with the lighting seen in the video. The position was elevated and that made him look closer to the brush.
In the image below I am standing where I believe the Sasquatch stood. In the distance you can see where I was at. That is why he was trying to duck because he got caught in the open.

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