The Van Fleet Florida Trail...Is there a Bigfoot out there?
Deploying the final trail cam for summer

Hillsborough River State Park

Second rapids past the main one

These are some of the first images I took in 2003 when I got one of the first DSLR cameras on the market. I was excited about this new technology, after growing up in the film era. You still needed to know some basic stuff about exposure and f-stop to create decent images. These images were shot with a neutral density filter to prevent overexposure during a longer shutter duration

The main rapids

The Rapids Trail at Hillsborough River State Park is rather enjoyable. During the fall/winter months, it can be a very enjoyable time to hike out to the rapids and enjoy something that is rare in Florida. These are actually a grade 2 rapids, the only ones in Florida. There are also many other trails that will lead you to suspension bridges built by the CCC during the Great Depression. In fact, the park was a "New Deal" program that continues to make money for the state since. If your going to do a stimulus, do it right.


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