Thursday, June 5, 2014

Exploring a sinkhole in the jungle

The mission was to reach the sinkhole in the Citrus Track at sunset. This is when animal activity is high and we may get some movement. George and I headed out.

George had a night optics setting on this camera and I was hopeful of getting something. We were making our way when we heard something. It was not Bigfoot; it was a truck passing our vehicle on the forest road. George was nervous because his truck was loaded with gear. He wanted to hurry and get back to the forest road. No problem, but you can't do Bigfoot research when you are rushed.

The sun set fast but we were just unable to stay. I don't know when we will be back. It may not even be this year. We are booked up and planning so many other trips. Ocala will be our prime area starting in November.

The truck was fine and we explored around the forest road. It was dark now but not much going on. We headed back to camp.

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