Monday, June 2, 2014

Camping near a Bigfoot sighting

I went camping last week with friends. It was at a commercial site which is a change of pace from our usual primitive/backcountry outings in Florida. You can see the taxi and my tent (I have two tents) and I enjoyed having a bathroom across the way at campsite #28.

This is George who brought most of the gear and got us started on chopping wood. He is a guy that will have a gadget for everything. He also happens to be the host of a local TV show about the paranormal.

We really had a nice fire going just before sunset and were waiting for Teri and Kevin to show up. They soon did and Kevin became "Children of the Corn" which is a tradition for us.

It all went downhill after dinner when we decided to go look for Bigfoot. That is when I got hurt skidding down a limestone rock face. I have been out of commission but I am on the mend.

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