Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tyler Bounds a possible hoaxer

The cheif production assistant for FINDONG BIGFOOT Tyler Bounds responded to my desire for more YouTube footers by saying we don't need "dorks" in the woods. He said he gets personal joy and does not need validation from anyone because he just loves the woods. BS He gets paid! He also planted the prints in the Georgia episode (Cryptomundo raised a skeptical eyebrow) and claimed in Virginia his van at night hit a Bigfoot causing damage. (You can Google all of this. It was in many newspapers). He was alone and no blood or hair found (how convenient). He had a vested interest in hyping the show when it was new. He did not mention that I have found more evidence for Bigfoot then he, or anyone he works for has. What is not wanted is his hoaxing ways. Look at this photo...I see a dork!

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