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M.U.T.O. Research Group has knowledge of pending world disaster

The Nevada research site

The M.U.T.O. Research Group is working in secrecy at several geographic anomalies worldwide, for reasons that are currently unknown They have taken up research camp at a series of sinkholes in Venezuela,  Sima Humblodt and Sima Martel. They are also located at Turkmenistan's "Door to Hell." and in Nevada at the "Devils Throat" sinkhole. They have a security outpost at entries, and nobody is allowed in. Strange lights and activity have been associated with the research venture. Is there a worldwide cavern that connects these sinkholes? Has the earth crust become unstable? Is this a global warming project or connected with Chemtrails?

A view of the sinkholes from the sky

It is believed they are working with the United States government on this project. This area in Venezuela is massive. Is there something strange about to happen?

Sima Humboldt (Sima Major) is an enormous sinkhole located on the summit of the plateau of Sarisariñama tepui in Bolívar State, Venezuela. It is unusual for several reasons, including its enormous size and depth, its location on the top of the only forested tepui, having a patch of forest on its base and also due to the weathering process that formed this sinkhole. The feature is named after scientist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt.Together with the neighbouring Sima Martel, it was first spotted in 1961 by pilot Harry Gibson.
Research facility built next to it
Strange things happening at night along the rim

It is believed that M.U.T.O has video evidence that will shock the world. There is a pending danger to mankind and they are not warning us about it. Hackers have penetrated their website using a cypher program and have been able to download two heavily scrambled 13 second videos, that are now unlisted on YouTube. Don't worry, I have them posted here.

I have the videos here:


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