Friday, April 4, 2014

Withlacoochee State Forest Bigfoot hunt Citrus track

George and I had an opportunity to take off for the Citrus Track of the Withlacoochee State forest. I did not want to miss this chance. So I loaded up the car with camping gear and headed out to the location George had secured at the Holder Mine area on the north end. After a two hour drive, I met up with George on this Friday night. 

We gathered firewood, then, headed out on one of the forest roads for mile at sunset. George thought he saw something and we stopped to investigate.
George and I headed out on the fire road
What is cool, is unlike other places, in here you can drive your own vehicle on a network of roads within 155,000 acres of land. It is almost endless in scope. The sun was setting and it was very nice just from that aspect. At one point, George thought he saw something and we stopped to investigate.
George does see something

The old growth forest goes for miles. It is thick, cool, and spooky

We grabbed out gear and jumped out of the truck. By using the golden hour of the sunset, we got some awesome shots. The truth is it was Friday night and I would not have wanted to be anywhere else. We wold continue until dark, then, go back to camp. We had a good night and next day ahead of us and I was excited.
George is determined to find the Skunk Ape
George has been scouting this area for twenty years
A few miles ahead there was a cave formation that we investigated and I did find prints. You will have to see the video after I get it up on YouTube. Stay tuned.

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