Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Is it Bigfoot we are looking for?

Is this what we are looking for?
This question was posed on the Above Top Secret website. Decades have passed since the Patterson/Gimlim film and there is still no hard evidence; so just what are we looking for? Is it really a giant 800 lb creature or something else?

FINDING BIGFOOT made it look really easy. A skunk ape behind a house in Florida, a skunk ape along a canal in the everglades (a horse), a thermal hit from a caravan of cars in a Georgia National Park, a Bigfoot going for a zagnut candy bar in North Carolina, a series of Bigfoot howls in the Oregon woods at night, a rabbit being stalked by a sasquatch in Washington, a Bigfoot breaching a laser parameter line in Alaska. Do you see where I am going with this? Is it really this easy Matt? Or is cashing the check the easy part? I find research to be very frustrating from a technical and scientific standpoint. The methodology can never be figured out.  I had a response that I posted on the thread:

"I am an Independent "skunk ape" field researcher from Florida, and find the work frustrating. It is getting difficult to use even some basic scientific methods in my work. For example, I am unable to repeat anything I have found or experience observation of any kind.
I have found footprints of different sizes. I have gone back for months into the same area and never found anymore prints. I can't tell you how frustrating this is to me. I have recorded howls at night that don't match anything I am familiar with. (It could be a sick animal, for example). Again, I cannot get another recording of said animal.
Forget about a sighting, I have some videos that show motion but only in wide angle with extreme loss of resolution when blown up. Sightings are reported in Florida all the time and I go to these areas with not much luck.
Frustration is no reason to give up on anything in life. But when I see the BFRO making money "hoaxing" on the Finding Bigfoot show when they seem to find something every time they go out....I cringe. That is not possible folks.
If Bigfoot exist, it is extremely rare and has an ability to elude man which is unknown to any other animal. Perhaps trail cams would, in the long run, yield more evidence. That is the direction many researchers have now taken, and where I am headed."...Tim Fasano

The BFRO seems to think that there is plenty of evidence...it is just how you measure and gauge such stuff.

 The assertion that there is absolutely no physical evidence is absolutely false. There is more physical evidence than most people realize. Physical evidence is found every month in various areas across the country. Distinct tracks that do not match other animal tracks, hairs that match each other but no known wild animals, and large scats that could not be made by any known species, are all "physical evidence."

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