Monday, March 3, 2014

I wrote this about Scott Marlowe before he judged me on moral grounds and slandered me with Kevin

Tim Fasano and Scott Marlowe

I had lunch today with Cryptozoologist Scott Marlowe Of Florida. Scott and I have been friends on the Internet for some time, and it was time we met.

Scott has always been supportive of my research, and has defended me against false claims made about me. He has taken the time to talk to me often on the phone, and has got to know me as a friend. He is a very good guy.

Scott is a college teacher, writer, and crypto investigator with some new and novel ideas about finding the Florida Skunk ape. I was looking forward to meeting Scott Marlowe.

We met at a diner in Winter Haven and shook hands. I felt like I had known him for a long time and that this was not the first time we had ever been together. We were very comfortable talking about anything. Scott has been around this game for a long time and knows just about everyone in Bigfoot. He warned me about the politics, and trolls, and how to deal with them. Scott had a club sandwich with slaw and I had a bacon cheeseburger with fries.

Scott is also a film maker, and has appeared in many documentaries about paranormal stuff. He has nine published books and has been doing field research for decades. He is still active and very motivated to find the big hairy guy in Florida. He also believes eco-tourism is the wave of the future and experts are needed as guides.

Scott has a new book out called The Cryptid Creatures Of Florida in which Charlie Carlson does the introduction. The book not only deals with the skunk ape and the Sasquatch being in Central Florida, but also ice age animals that may still be around. As you know, I have put forth a theory that the giant ground sloth may still be in the jungle.

We layed out a map of Florida and Scott showed me the migration patterns of the skunk ape and the stationary locations of permanent colonies. Working smart and not waisting you time in areas that are not colonies is what a researcher needs to do. His input was invaluable to me. My game has now gone to a new height because of the information I received from Scott.

We will be working together in November in a known transitional area to catch them on the move. It does seem people don't want that to happen and are trying to undermine the outing. That will never happen. We will go private if we have to and protect our research and locations. We do not need gate crashers.(I wrote this in 2011 about Scott Marlowe. I had nothing but praise for him. He subsequently decided he did not believe I was fit to be a Bigfoot researcher. He questioned why I attended a nudest camp when I was over weight. He also questioned why I had once photogaphed Playboy models (he never mentioned the nature and wildlife images I specialize in). He did not asses my body of Bigfoot work. He judged me on moral grounds. He is judgementalon matters unrelated to cryptid research.)

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