Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Green Swamp Bigfoot sighting video

This is the important part of the Bigfoot sighting video taken in the Florida Green Swamp. I am holding back the entire video to protect my rights to it. Good news. We will soon begin shooting a pilot episode for a potential cable TV Bigfoot show. The guys I currently work with are already TV production professionals and understand how this stuff is done. I will be learning along the way. I have purposly surrounded myself with talented guys and it is now paying off. We have brought in an outsider to manage, produce and edit the project. This project will last months.

We are in the planning stages and this video will be part of it. We are also lining up people who have come forward with Bigfoot pictures, videos and cast from Florida that have not posted anything on the net or contacted BFRO. Witnesses and material will be unique to this project.

We are putting in all we have to make this a go. I am sure people will find the show not only entertaining, but as this video shows, we will present  compelling evidence. We may even through in a little monkey for entertainment.

NOTE: This is the LONG and SHORT version. It is unique to this blog and is not on YouTube. You will see it bob up and down before it shows itself in the open. There are at least one other to its right (viewers left) that is desperately trying to hide in the palmettos. This video shows 1) SOCIAL INTERACTION 2) USE OF PATHWAYS they used the horse trail behind them to enter and exit field 3) The are DESPERATELY TRYING TO HIDE they don't want to be seen by man.

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