Friday, February 7, 2014

Skunk Ape audio may be a "howler monkey"

screen shot of Floirda Skunk Ape website about my video
A video I did while in the Green Swamp at night recorded something strange. I compared it to MP3 recordings of other known animals in Florida, and could not come up with a match. I stated that I believe its a Skunk Ape. If I was a minister, I would claim it was the Lord. I do not, however, hold myself up to the same standards as Rome. But, what you hear is real and I recorded it.

People who want to lie about me when they were not there and have no idea of what I am doing, Carolann of the ISRTUSA, state this audio is fake. It is because of people like her, that others think I am a hoaxer. My group does not hoax and she has no idea what the hell she is talking about. I worked a few hours in the afternoon one day, actually twenty minutes was all the time we spent together. Based on that she thinks she knows me....the video is below. You will hear something very scary.

"Hay buddie you might be a researcher or something elsew I dont know. I work with Primates every day and the next time you want to record a bigfoot use a sound that not as recognizable to somebody like me as a howler monkey. And if you made that recording in florida then youmust have been recording next to the miami zoo. get a life!"...Mike Cave

Mike Cave … He wouldn’t have to drive to Miami , we have Lowery Park Zoo in Tampa and Lex Salisbury has a primate safari in the Green Swamp ( Polk county ) and a ranch of exotics north of Dade City ( still part of the Green Swamp ) and Barnum & Bailey have their Elephant breeding and research facility in the G swamp . So glad you caught it and posted !!!
Some of us researchers that ” work ” the Green Swamp / Richloam area know about these things and take even more of a precaution to label what we see or hear as Skunkape/Bigfoot related because of these animals being in the area ! Some of the “researchers ” take this stuff and ” run with it ” …Carolann
What she wrote is defamation of character. I was nowhere near these spots and until now did not know anything about them.

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