Friday, February 14, 2014

Serching in the Skunk Ape territory

You had to climb over this to get into the Skunk Ape area
These are some of the images from the outing I did yesterday without Kevin. I really needed him because this area was vast and you could walk for miles without seeing anyone or any sign of civilization. Since this area is so vast, it will be worth us coming back to it.

You had to climb a metal staircase to just get into the area. There are wild, free range cattle that are in here. They will harm you if you run into them. So, don't go alone like I did.

You can see how it goes to the horizon
I did find some prints and lots of animal prints. You have large fields, swamps, and hardwood hammocks in here which is an awesome array of topography. My time was limited, so I do need to come back when I can spend most of the day.
One of the prints that was found in the swamp area

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