Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Citrus Park Bigfoot search

Checking it all out
I was investigating an area that was a hotbed of Bigfoot activity 20-30 years ago. This area is north of Tampa and used to be country and cow pasture but not anymore. It is now becoming very populated with traffic. Many of the wilderness areas are still here because they connect to a large watershed area that provides water for north Tampa. You could hike for miles without really running into anyone. You would, however, have to cross roads which we believe Bigfoot does in the middle of the night.

I went into this area the other day and was surprised at the conditions. When you got into it, suburbia disappeared. It got quite and I would have thought I was in the Green Swamp. I did find a golf ball. Strange, we were nowhere near a golf course. I did find a swamp but could not locate any prints. The seven minute YouTube video below will show you what a good time I had.
In the winter the cypress trees lose their leaves and we got line of sight.

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