Saturday, January 4, 2014

TimberGiantBigfoot blog

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Timbergiantbigfoot is a fraud. Jim uses clever manipulation and psychology to exploit his natural Ontario while convincing a cult like following that he is tracking a giant Sasquatch. He is doing no such thing.

He has often removeded and made private those videos that caused skeptical inquiry. The famous November 22, 2011 video was his son in a suit. He showed a brief clip, then promised to release the long version later. He never mentioned it again. Strange. To sit on conclusive proof of Bigfoot and not use it. Very strange.

This blog will detail how Jim has deceived you for years. If you will open your mind, you will see this. Keep in mind I like Jim. I think he is a cool dude and a great father. Hint: no father would take small children on little bikes into the Ontario wilderness where perils await. Jim does no such thing. They are always on well worn bike paths near public parking lots (he edits his videos to make it appear he is alone).

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