Thursday, January 16, 2014

Strange audio in the Green Swamp

Kevin on the night trail
Teri stayed back at camp and radioed that she heard a strange sound. First, it sounded like metal. Then, I heard something crashing in the distance. Kevin, thought it may be a passing train in the distance, near Dade City. After looking at everything, I believe what we where hearing were Sasquatches moving through the forest. They do move things out of their way and I thought I heard a tree collapse. We have worked this area before and we have heard similar things.

We have found trees on the ground many times. Most Bigfoot researchers have noted such things. I believe they keep their distance and totally know how to avoid us just walking up on them. However, they are not perfect. Any animal can, and will, make a mistake. That is how people have been able to get fleeting glimpse images of them. This work is hard and very time consuming but it must be done.
Kevin after he thought he had heard something

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