EA epic adventures UPDATE 2
Watch "Bigfoot Tracker Rick Dyer talking about the Dead Bigfoot" on YouTube

Spike TV Bigfoot hunters are a joke

Spike TV did everything they told Kevin and I they would not do...they went with people for cosmetic reasons and not Bigfoot reasons. They have chicks named January that when you do a Google search with the key word Bigfoot, you get nothing. I told them, when we auditioned, that they could do T&A or Bigfoot, what will it be. They went for looks (even the host looks like Peter North). With me on the show they double their ratings. Hint: Justin and Ro say by by tonight. The finals are Brown and Merchant. MM wins the $100,000 but has no evidence. We would have had evidence and had put BILLIONS INTO SPIKE TV bank account. Sorry, you fucked up.


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