Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rick Dyer and Hank the Bigfoot

8437893607_728150251d_mThe Bigfoot world wants to know what I know about Rick Dyer and Hank the Bigfoot. Rick has told me he has a Bigfoot and the credible aspect of this is Morgan Mathews, Minnow Films, and Christopher Noel. The capture was documented by independent sources.
Mathews will not comment on it. Why? If Dyer is running cowboy, why not distance yourself from it.

Science has backed off for decades on this topic. It is trailblazers that will make the discovery.

I don't know firsthand what Rick Dyer has. I just know he has something.
The image here is hank from a computer. It seems the basic non rut version of Hank looks human. Close to the Bigfoot shot near the tent.

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