Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kevin and Terri make it to the Kentucky Bigfoot expedition

Kevin and Terri are in Kentucky working with this group!
Charlie Raymond, founder and lead investigator of the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization, led a team into some lightly snow-covered hills. He conducted a series of tree knocks and howls along the way, communication signals that he says are common for a bigfoot.
“Typically they do that to alert other bigfoot that ‘we have humans present,’ ” Raymond said. “That’s what we think. We don’t have any scientific proof.”
It’s not as though he’s met a bigfoot that he could ask, he said.
However, he said he has in eastern Tennessee used a thermal imaging camera to see two of the creatures that were crawling on their bellies.
A relative of the Barren County landowner, who asked to remain anonymous, recently recorded a mid-pitched howl of an unidentified creature coming from a cedar thicket. The man immediately got online and did some tracking of his own, which led him to Raymond and his team. 
But there was more than just a howl. The man who called upon Raymond to help him had placed 200 pounds of corn on the cob in a field in an attempt to attract deer to the area for hunting. Within the next two days, the 200 pounds of corn, cobs and all, disappeared. In the middle of where the corn had been placed was an arrowhead.
Sasquatch hunters call this process “gifting,” Raymond said. He explained that the creature had taken the corn and in return left an arrowhead as a sort of primitive thank-you note for the food. Last week, Raymond left a jar of peanut butter near the rural site after smearing some on the outside of the jar and then resealing it. The next day, the jar was gone.

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