Friday, January 17, 2014

Donny and Darnell gone - the fix is in?

Two of the most competent hunters were released from Bigfoot Bounty tonight for spurious reasons. Dean Cain even admitted Michael Merchant and Kat had found nothing. He even hinted that Merchant had his own agenda (welcome to the real world Dean). I feel sorry for Donny and Darnell.
Donny Adair is a father, retired Human Resource Manager, and founder of the African American Hunting Association. This organization encourages African Americans to consider hunting and other outdoor pastimes. Donny has been hunting big game since 1968. Donnell Adair grew up in both an urban and rural environment. Although he was born and raised primarily in Portland, OR, he spent many summers in Mississippi. It was there that his grandfather Percy Chocolate, a legendary hunter in the Mississippi Delta, along with his father Donny, passed along many outdoor skills to Donnell. This father and son team from Portland, OR has been hunting big game together for 15 years. The two frequently hunt in Bigfoot country in the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. When they hunted in Mt. Hood National Forest they observed strange sights and sounds that were thought to be from Bigfoot. They have also heard Bigfoot sounds and saw a tree stripped of its bark by, what they believe to be, Bigfoot.

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