Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Pork Chopping" for Bigfoot

The premise of Spike TV is to provide physical evidence of Bigfoot. They just may do that (I have no inside information). However, the show is looking like a ubiquitous survivor type show. It may draw a number because of conflicts in personality, but it so far has not produced much (I like the show and find it very good within the genre).
What I would like to do is present 12 specific tactical methods that may have yielded results with a big budget operation. The first is "Pork Chopping." Instead of blimps fly choppers over the forest and shoot Bigfoot from the sky. I can think of ten million reasons why this is a good idea. Used in Washington State, it would produce results.
Not so different from extreme sports like heli-skiing and heli-hiking, helicopter hunting expeditions or "aerial deprivation" missions to slim down wild boar populations may be the latest trend in hunting. This technique had been used in hunting.
In Texas, which has made it legal to for the public to hunt wild hog from low-flying helicopters, it’s open-season all year 'round. And they ate putting a lot of pork chops on the dinner table.

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