"Trees!...we got trees"
Evidence of logging camp in Skunk Ape zone: part two

Bigfoot episode of Enigmatic Anomalies airs in Central Florida

The pemier episode of  Florida Bigfoot Investigators aired last night on Tampa Bay Great 38 and it was a hit. The TV station has ordered 13 more episodes which should keep Kevin and the gang very busy. Central Florida saw a quality Bigfoot show that was about research and investigation. It was about a team of researchers that go into the Green Swamp in the middle of the night using thermal imaging under mostly "lights out" conditions. I thought the show was great and I was honored to be  part of it.

When Kevin contacted me in 2011 about this project, I knew it would require long term dedication. We did the work, and now we can see the results. I am very proud of Kevin, George, Mike, Rob, and Terri. They have done an excellent job. Spike TV did not want us but if you want something done right, do it yourself.

Below are three videos outtakes of the show giving you a flavor of what was went down.


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