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February 17, 2013 - February 23, 2013

"I do believe there's a Skunk Ape in these woods"

Bigfoot campfire at midnight I was on my third night of this Skunk Ape expedition and had been doing my Bo Bo impersonation of Bigfoot calls. The sand prairie I was on showed much evidence of high animal activity. I did not see any tracks that looked primate in nature... Read more →

FB/FB is not credible for finding Bigfoot - I have proof

I talked with Alex Walker on his radio show the other night and told him that FB/FB claimed I filmed a Bigfoot on a video shot in 2010 called "Futher audio of movement." People may havei heard that and wondered about it. FB/FB showed on their breakdown video just where... Read more →

Kevin talks to a Bigfoot habituator in North Florida

Kevin Thomas Kehl and others were in the Panhandle of Florida doing work on a "paranormal documentary." They were using professional cameras and not the home versions that most YouTubers' have (that explains the pro quality of the video). They came across a man who owns over 3,000 acres of... Read more →

There is a theory in Bigfoot research that they use what man has created for their own use. Railways and powerlines make for a direct path to a far away destination. Most of these trackways are located in remote areas and allow cover for their movements. Even when railways go... Read more →