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January 27, 2013 - February 2, 2013

Hawks are hard to get close to. This guy was perched by a river while hunting. He clearly paid no attention to me as I walked right up to him. I got his photo just before he took off for a rat or something. He looks well fed, so he... Read more →

Did Tim Fasano capture a baby Bigfoot wih his new HD camera?

A Facebook poster on Shawn Evidence believes I captured a BABY BIGFOOT with my new HD camera. Wow! I was there but focused on the plastic pipe beyond it. The baby was in a tree and in front of the footprint field. In fact, this is where the Palmetto Monster... Read more →

Many people have heard of UFO rod theory put forth by Jose Escamilla, a film maker and UFO researcher. He believes they are UFO's flying so fast that only video cameras can capture them. ´╗┐Escamilla first video taped rods in Roswell New Mexico when he was filming a documentary. They... Read more →