Sunday, December 1, 2013

My tent in the mist

This was my tent at the campsite during the last Bigfoot expedition in central Florida. The weather was cold but nice and the stars were brilliant the night before. This is what I am expecting tonight through Tuesday during the current expedition.


  1. I'm not some "debunker" or a person that is so naive as to think one of these animals will stop and strike a pose for photographers. I started going into the woods around '69 after seeing the Patty film on my grandparents TV.

    What you have so far on your blog is actually quite good. I've seen nor heard anything I would call misidentification so far.

    I'm not trying to tell you how to do your research but there are things I learned to look for when I lived in Louisiana and have seen in other Northern States.

    Bows: You'll know them when you see them because the top will be jammed into the ground or secured in some other fashion.

    Breaks: Again, you'll know them when you see them because they'll be twisted or there will be no reasonable explanation for a break.

    The fresher the better of course for the above.

    Sounds: don't just listen for howls or screams. These animals are excellent mimics. Pay extra attention to whistles or the bark a doe will make for instance. I personally have been within 20 feet of one that was peeping over the top of a myrtle bush and whistling just like a Night Hawk. Myself and my current lady friend have stood and watched one that was with a herd of doe and it ept circling the doe, while they were bedded down, and it was constantly barking. We have a recording of that in fact.

    I would also suggest watching the foliage closely. What you watch for is what most call formations. I have several pics that obviously were made by nature or man.

    Since fire ants are common here in Florida, watch for mound excavations as well. I've seen this in Louisiana several times.

    I've also come to the conclusion these animals are probably omnivorous and not likely to hunt down full grown deer. I've seen one drop a double handful of ripe muscadines and run from me on all 4's. I've also seen where one had hidden road kill in brush and kept the maggots cleaned off of it, then replaced the roadkill when it was no longer a fly breeding ground. In short, they're very intelligent opportunists.

    I now live in Eastern Jacksonville and am pushing 59 extremely hard. If you want to chat by chance I have a disposable email I can be contacted at. fletch with 2820 as one word at the y dot com.


  2. Sorry about that. Re: formations. I have several pics that were obviously NOT made by man or nature.



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