Best of 2013: a hand reaches out from behind a tree
Best of 2013: exposing the MABRC hoax of Team Quantra

Best of 2013: squatch blind fomd at Myakka

(Stacy and Matt walk up to the blind) We found evidence in Myakka of environmental impact being made by the skunk apes. During the investigation Saturday we found a structure that looks like a "squatch blind." It was near the wallow where animals have been gathering at night. The position of this structure is perfect too ambush prey. It was quite a find and it showed evidence of intelligent design. Stacy and his crew where there and they concurred with me that many parts of it where woven into the tree that was already there. These things have been found throughout North America and I believe they are being used by the Skunk Apes.

Squatch blind

We also found fifteen inch prints which now seem to be a common size for Kevin and I are taking the same measurement on the ones we have found. All of this makes sense. In the video below and the photo above, you can see how pressed down the sawgrass is. The thing that has been doing that seems to have a human like foot that measures 15". Something that big has got to leave its mark behind and I believe we found it. Stealth they do have, however, any animal will make an impact on the environment and these things have been in a very big way in Myakka.

Kevin and I will be back out here next week to do a much needed follow up investigation. There is a lot going on here in a very big way. The woods behind this in the distance also allow the adventurous to go deep into the wild part of the Myakka complex. It will take time, but knowing nobody goes out there, you have almost got to find something. That is what Kevin and I will be shooting for. I just hope the park ranger does not tow our cars off.


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