Best of 2013: squatch blind fomd at Myakka
Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings from Kevin Kehl & Tim Fasano!!

Best of 2013: exposing the MABRC hoax of Team Quantra

EDITORS NOTE: Team Quantra may not even exist. Has anyone even seen them, or the Bigfoot Dixie body? They should be called out now, and so should MABRC for their shamless promotion of this. It should  not be a wait and see; it should be a dig in and find out who is lying. This whole episode sounds like something from the TV show 24. Is Jack Bower involved too?

My attempt at satire this morning about Daisy the Bigfoot seems to have fallen a little flat. People must be looking for hard evidence about Daisy and their not in a funny mood based on all the BS that has come down the pike lately. This new Bigfoot episode destined for the funny pages is not too hard to figure out. Someone is lying. Ed Smith and D.W. Lee of MABRC have spun a tale they will never be able to come back from. I was actually offering them a  lifeline of logic. They moved too slow on the prompt.

They are lying. I have seen it happen before with Bigfoot people who have become frustrated by years of meager returns on their hard work (Ketchum DNA study, Mike Green thermal, Todd Standing, Tom Biscardi). Years of research yield nothing so lets go for the gusto. In this case, what MABRC (Team Quantra no  longer with MABRC) wants us to believe would  be a slow torture of the animal. Not a Q&A with punch and cookies. Strapping the animal down and probing it, would be the order of the day. What's next, water boarding to see what it knows?

When I was interviewed on late night Tampa TV - Enigmatic Anomalies , I explained in a way that no Bigfoot researcher has ever explained about why it would be almost Impossible for a Bigfoot to be captured. It had everything to do with evolutionary processes and environmental adaptations. it s a special kind of animal and will not be captured. If it was, it would be akin to torture - especially if the intent of  the captors was to do an examination similar to alien abductions of humans. It is a criminal act.

When the story broke on Bigfoot Evidence Blog, most of his posters wanted to talk about my weight or spread some lie that I am a hoaxer (sense of humor, yes. Hoaxer, no).

This is a subject that cuts to the heart of why Bigfoot will never be captured and why the Team Quantra DOES NOT HAVE A BIGFOOT. They are lying. Watch the video with an open mind and you will learn something.

Kevin Kehl, my work buddy, is learning to be a UFO field investigator with MUFON. They have a tremendous amount of reports of big hairy things being seen near UFO landing areas. I don't really believe Bigfoot flies UFO's but the point of this is Bigfoot is something we have no clue about. To think that it just operates in the physical terrain like us is being presumptuous.

I never did speek with military athorities. That was a joke. However, the real joke is that we are being played agian by people who say they have a Bigfoot, and this time, its coming from the community itself. This act is dying folks.


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