Friday, November 8, 2013

The sun sets on a Bigfoot expedition

Sunset is the best time of a Bigfoot expedition. I finally made it to the campsite about one hour before sunset. The team helped out and in no time my tent was up and my gear organized. I was stoked. We had a long day excursion planned for the next morning but now it was all about the night trip to the tree graveyard.
A nice fire to keep us warm
Kevin and Mike did some filming for the introduction to EA-TV episode of the Florida Skunk Ape. This is a project that has taken us into the third year of planning. The show does feature other aspects of the paranormal world, such as, ghost, UFOs, lake monsters, and so forth. I was excited to see that everyone was together and we were shooting in the field. In addition, there was a documentary company shooting as well.
Mike doing a great job on mic
Bryan and Sam from Big Wolf productions came with their camp gear and they were ready. It seems they are not just film makers, they are are experienced backpackers and know their way around the outdoors. That just gave us more capable people to assist. They wanted to remain objective and not do research. They only wanted to document what was going on, and shoot lots of "B" roll to help the documentary look slick. They had already shot Stacy Brown Jr and his team from north Florida, and now, they were shooting our team
Bryan from Sarasota documenting the event
After we wrapped up the interview segment of the show, we got our gear and headed out into the night. We would not be disappointed. We would be amazed by what we heard and saw. Check back tomorrow for lots more.

The campsite was the perfect place for the filming

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