Sunday, November 10, 2013

Reconyx RC 60 results from last spring 2012

This was six months ago before this area became a lake. The pig would have been under water. The last deployment taught us that wildlife loves the swamp area when its dry and that pigs don't swim. Without critters, the big guy stays out as well. :
We went back to trail cam "C" after three weeks in field. We loaded new batteries and switched out the media card. This game cam will sit out until November. That will the only time it will be possible to get back in there. The storm season is upon us in Florida and the water in the bugs will prevent any real access to this area. That is exactly what we want.

If this animal is a swamp beast, this will be the perfect environment for him. You can see by these pictures that the area is teaming with wildlife and other predatory animals. Food sources abound. Combine water, cover, vegetation and meat and you got a skunk ape paradise.

A Wiley Coyote
He sees the camera..damn that Wiley boy
A mother in her child on a misty morning
A black hog
A wild turkey (bottom left)
Kevin and I exchanged the old batteries for the new Copper Tops that should provide enough life until November. The purpose of this trial cam project is long term and months left in field is the ultimate goal. Short outings, even up to a month, is not reccomended by people with lots of experience doing this. The criptid can smell man like deer can. Your scent is left behind up to five days after you have left the area. You really want the area to be clear of your presence and let the trail cam "settle in" and become part of the environment.
For example, Derick Randles of the Olympic Project says they leave their cams in field for six months in very remote locations. It often takes overnight backpacking trips to reach them. They have to be marked with GPS coordinates so they don't lose any units.
That would be our ultimate goal with this project. Areas north of the Green Swamp such as Ocala National Forest would afford overnight backpacking to reach areas in the wilderness areas, far away from any campers with RV's.

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