Wednesday, November 27, 2013

First returns trail cam "A" summer deployment 2013

Tim and Kevin very happy to find trail cam A
We headed out yesterday on the first real cold day of the year in Florida to retrieve two Reconyx RC60 covert trail cams. We had deployed them in areas where we knew there was an abundance of wildlife. We were not disappointed. The cameras had been in field for six months (May 13, 2013). Today was November 13, 2012 and we were very glad to find the cameras and that they had functioned properly.
There was one sequence of interest where something seemed to be stalking a flock of birds. The area did fill up with water, and became a total swamp. This was good for the presence of wildlife was massive. Anyway, here is one of the deer and one of many herds of deer that were photographed.
A pretty girl
A herd moving through

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