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Ontario Wildlife Field Research and Mike Paterson hoax

Note: Tim Ervick left a comment on this blog and here is his expansion on his blog about Mike Paterson and an obvious hoax. After Tim finishes with Paterson, he needs to expose timbergiantbigfoot for the fake he is. I'm glad someone in Ontario has ethics. I was getting worried.

"I wasn't going to comment on Mike P and his alleged video's of vocalizations and assorted nonsense but since no-one else in Ontario is, I will.

First off he has no connection to Ontario Wildlife Field Research run by myself and no connection to Ontario Bigfoot or Ontario Sasquatch groups. These are well established groups that would never endorse or knowingly participate in such an obvious hoax.

Mike P has a burden of proof that some have mentioned to him only to be answered with his arrogant and condescending attitude. Serious red flags to anyone serious on the subject.

Mike P from Sasquatch Ontario has nothing in the form of verifiable proof of anything other than he thinks we are stupid. Anyone that follows his video's is completely wasting time unless that's the goal.

He's an embarrassment to actual researchers in Ontario and he makes me just want to crawl under a rock until he fades away.

Delusional at best, a complete Hoaxer and fraud at worst."


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Wow what a jealous child you are Tim.


Indeed, you are one Jealousy SOB, anyone that feels the need to try to embarrass, harness and defraud are just over grown babies sitting in their soiled diapers. Grow the eff up tiny Tim and grow a pair with hair. Mike Patterson is the real deal and boy o boy does that infuriate you. You must feel disrespected by Sasquatch. No worries, I'm sure one day soon a 12 foot Sasquatch may defecate on your face and I hope his name is Nephatia!

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