A message to Chuck Prahl and other unethical Bigfoot bloggers
Day one of the "Deep Skunk" project

Strange going ons in the middle of the night

In the above image you see its clear in front of the camera. Suddenly, something moves in front of the camera mounted 5 feet off the ground (look below).
Something now blocks the screen. It was gone in the next frame.

This is trail cam number one and it has been up for one month.  I visited the site Sunday and I am glad I did because some strange things have been going on, as you can see above.

First, the cheap batteries are down to 61%. There is no way that will keep the camera charge through storm season.  Second, there were 301 images on the Reconyx conferming my belief that this was a nature rich area.

After downloading the media card, there were images of hogs, deer, turkeys, racoons and something Kevin and I cannot explain.

In a one second interval, something moved in front of the viewfinder completely obstructing the lense on a dark, cold night (the same night we were camping in another area).

These images above are from a two interval set when the camera fired for 24 seconds.

The image does appear white, but keep in mind that animals close to the Reconyx RC60 will cause the camera to flare giving it a bleached out look. I don't know what kind of animal could obscure the lense at over five feet. Kevin does not know either.

We do not represent this as anything Skunkape related. It is what it is.
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