Going off road to find a Skunk Ape
Good stuff coming up for our team

Where to place a trail cam and my failing health

I like wet areas with lots of wildlife. This area fit the bill. The Skunk Apes would need all of this. You just have to go back there and get it done.

The video I shot is looking good and I may release a 15 second low rez version in a few days. Now, something more important.

My health is in critical condition. Doctors can't control my high blood pressure. 214/115 WITH MEDICATION! That's not right. I may have congestion heart failue at this point. What's weird is I feel fine.

I will have to eliminate all stress in my life and the whole Bigfoot thing has been exhausting and people have treated me poorly.

I want to start lap swimming to try and strengthen my heart and lose a considerable amount of weight. I need to for I feel now at any moment it could be all over.

As Kerry Grant said "If I'd known I would have lived this long, I would have taken better care of myself."




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I'm sorry I wasn't there to assist you this time Tim!
Don't give up on your swimming!!

Cliff Stanley

Thanks for the good tip. I have an audio recorder, and a camera. A camcorder is next and I hope to get a trail cam by this fall. Most of my bigfoot encounters have been near water (6 out of 7). Swimming is good. I went swimming today. High blood pressure is called the silent killer because you can't tell you have it. I went on blood pressure pills after brain surgery but was able to quit using them after 3 years. Good luck with your health.


The moist air around the pool creates an environment that can reduce exercise induced asthma attacks.


you have congestion heart failure and you are writing blog!!! you should call health expert.

either i misinterpreted or not. anyway check this list of blood pressure meds http://www.drugsinfocom.com/bloodpressure-hypertensive-drugs/

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