Friday, April 5, 2013

Skunk Ape sighting at Myakka River State Park investigated by the BFRO!

Editors note: This is from the BFRO website. It is about a Skunk Ape sighting in Myakka River State Park in 2008 by a nature photographer. The sighting was only 1,000 feet from where the famous YouTube sighting of March 2 occurred. The recent video shot by the lady was 1,000 feet in the other direction. Because of these recent events, I will be there Saturday to investigate this location and where the women taped the creature the other day. Kevin will be at a UFO event in Jacksonville, so I will be by myself. This should be fun...a lot is going on down in ole' Myakka!

STATE: Florida
COUNTY: Sarasota County
OBSERVED: I was camping at myakka river state park in Sarasota county in Florida with my parents. I do nature photography as a hobby, and i was told by my father that the best time to go shoot nature photography is early in the morning since that is when most nature starts to wake up and animal activity is at its most active, so i took my father's advice and decided to get up and go do some photography at around 6:30 in the morning just when the sun is coming up and there is light. I was walking down a path that is active with tourist and some animal life, there is even a wooden tower that stands 70 feet in the air down the trail where you can see directly over the forest perfectly. As i was walking down this trail, i was walking towards
The Tower near the sighting area...70 feet tall
View from the top
a part of the trail where the trail turns into a small bridge to cross over a creek, just as I am getting closer to the bridge, i hear grunting type of noise off to my right, and i cant see much off in the distance because of the vegetation. but as i looked over towards a tree that was about maybe 30 to possibly 40 feet away from me, i could see this large upright figure standing hunched over next to the tree. when i first saw this creature i thought maybe it was a Florida black bear or something but as it moved a little more, i could clearly see it wasnt, cause when it turned and looked at me, i could see what looked like a human and gorilla mix type of face. it was not very tall but at least 6 feet, it had dark brownish hair maybe even black. at that point I am shocked and cant even move, and i wasnt even thinking of grabbing my camera that was wrapped around my neck ready to shoot photos. the only thing i could think of was i hope this thing does not come any closer to me cause i seriously cant move from the shock. as i regained my composure a little, i realized my camera was ready to go but as soon as i reached for my camera, it bolted off and was gone and it had to be heavy because i could feel the ground vibrate below my feet just a little as it was running off. I was angry at myself for not getting it on camera but i was also excited because of what i just saw. I did however get a photo of the footprint it left behind.
This is the footprint he photographed (from BFRO)

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