Rick Dyer's failed hoax attempt in Orlando Florida
UNLV has no knowledge of a Bigfoot stored in Las Vegas area

Rick Dyer admits Bigfoot is a hoax

Rick Dyer in his own words:

"People call me a hoaxer daily and I love every minute of it. The fact of the matter is I am a hoaxer.. But I am the best hoxer in the world. Everything I do I do big I don't b******* around I do it right. The truth be told I'm still making money off the 2008 hoax.

I'm the best Bigfoot tracker in the world.. After the hoax I got serious and became the best Bigfoot tracker in the world. I can't help people being jealous of me and I'm not going to apologize for making money off Bigfoot.

The Bigfoot community is so minute compared to the grand scheme of things. Everything I do is to agitate people in the Bigfoot community and it works. There are very few people in the Bigfoot community that I respect. The rest I just play games with. Why you ask? It comes down to Rick Dyer laughing at the end. Sense late September I have made almost 10,000 dollars from adsense off people who hate me.

Bigfoot community is a joke and most people in the Bigfoot community are considered a joke. The new Bigfoot community is going to be headed by the most hated man in the old community.

The offer to see the body to Dr. Jeff Meldrum has been officially pulled. Jeff had a long list of conditions for me to do him a favor. That showed me he could care less about Bigfoot. A 1 percent chance of this being real ANY real Bigfoot person would have jumped at the chance with no demands. I couldn't even get it out of my mouth before Derek Randles said he will be there"

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something wicked

I'd love to pay you back for the damage you've done. I'm coming for a lil visit.


come pay a visit you little bitch. big talker online. big talker anytime but IN PERSON. Fasano is not a joke son. mess with the bull....


I do not know Rick Dyer, but I hope that he realizes that all of the negative things that he has done are just hurting him and nobody else. Life is very short, so why would Rick want to spend so much time creating hoaxes and telling lies? Is he mad at the world for some reason?

People like myself that believe in Sasquatches are never going to take anything that Rick does seriously, which is a shame because he obviously could have had a positive impact on Sasquatch research if he had wanted to. After everything that he has done though, it is too late for that.

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