Monday, April 29, 2013

Private Bigfoot vídeo

Shot Sunday in field.

Mother deer with with small baby...How cute!

The test deployment of the trail cams shows we have hit the mother load. Tons of deer showed up everyday on the camera. I have never seen an area do that. Often you can go a week for something to move. Look at this mother with her baby...How cute!

The mother is on the far right with baby following
This deer was captured on thermal

Gator on the log

I was folliwing along this wild stretch of the Hillsborough River and it did not let me down. Wildlife was everywhere including many gators. This one is on a log. Deeper into this is where I put the trail cam.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Bigfoot supprt video at Myakka

Kevin was rolling tape a short distance from me when we entered an area loaded with animal kills. He picks up live deer and a pack oh hogs that run my way while I have the visual (caught on tape). Everything Kevin tapes supports the evidence found that Skunk Apes are living in this area. This was a great find and our work has only begun.

George's vlog deep Myakka wildlife

This will give you an idea about the amounts of various wildlife in Myakka River State Park. Filmed by George.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A bear or a Skunk Ape in Myakka?

I went to Myakka today ti find the exact spot where the lady filmed the animal she thought was a bear. Others see it walking on two legs, and considering the parks position is there are no bears, makes you wonder what it may be.
I noticed and filned in HD an abundance of wildlife.  I could see at least thirty wild turkey out there. This place could be an all you can eat buffet for a Bigfoot. On my video I may have captured something in the distance. I will need to upload on my computer and do analysis. Just wanted to let you know what is going on.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I was in a Car crash today - ruined my plans

The interstate was slowing down because of road construction ahead. In fact, my lane had come to a stop. Then bam!!! A car hit me hard from behind and I whipped back violently, throwing my hat off into the back seat. That sucked, as I was off duty and on my way to Myakka River State Park to do research and photography. That will have to wait for another day now. For what its wirth, his front end was totaled and my Crown Vic held up well.

He got the citation; I have a sore neck. I'll see how I feel in the morning. I dont need to be injured. I have a lot to do.

Headed for Myakka River State Park to investigate recent sightings

I am headed for the park now to do a follow up investigation to all the "sighting videos" that have been put up on YouTube. I will be focusing on two main areas. The area where the lady shot the recent video, and the area where Stacy Brown Jr and his crew found  the prints and the scat sample.

It will take most of the day to do this but the weather is looking good. Stay tuned for updates on this blog and on my YouTube channel. I should have tons of photos, so get ready. You will like what you...I guarantee it.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Skunk Ape sighting at Myakka River State Park investigated by the BFRO!

Editors note: This is from the BFRO website. It is about a Skunk Ape sighting in Myakka River State Park in 2008 by a nature photographer. The sighting was only 1,000 feet from where the famous YouTube sighting of March 2 occurred. The recent video shot by the lady was 1,000 feet in the other direction. Because of these recent events, I will be there Saturday to investigate this location and where the women taped the creature the other day. Kevin will be at a UFO event in Jacksonville, so I will be by myself. This should be fun...a lot is going on down in ole' Myakka!

STATE: Florida
COUNTY: Sarasota County
OBSERVED: I was camping at myakka river state park in Sarasota county in Florida with my parents. I do nature photography as a hobby, and i was told by my father that the best time to go shoot nature photography is early in the morning since that is when most nature starts to wake up and animal activity is at its most active, so i took my father's advice and decided to get up and go do some photography at around 6:30 in the morning just when the sun is coming up and there is light. I was walking down a path that is active with tourist and some animal life, there is even a wooden tower that stands 70 feet in the air down the trail where you can see directly over the forest perfectly. As i was walking down this trail, i was walking towards

New Images from Myakka

Myakka River State Park is a very wild place. You can see the real Florida the way it was 1,000 years ago before Europeans came to the area. Wildlife is in abundance and visitors are guaranteed to see alligators sunning on the banks of the Myakks River. Deer and wild turkey will walk right by you and pay no attention. That is one of the reasons this area is a popular destination point.
A large gator on the bank
There are 38 miles of trails that leed through the park, covering a varity of terrain. You will go into flood pine forest, then emerge into a vast Savannah of grass that stretches to the horizon. Then, find yourself in a cypress swamp dome. There is nothing boring about the hiking trails in this area.

Once in camp, you can settle back to relax and enjoy the night around the campfire stargazing. You can, like we did, go out looking for cryptids with your cameras and see if you can get an image. With two recent video sightings, and one confirmed class sighting on the BFRO data banks, this area is prime. The video below is Kevin and I after several hours of night exploration around the Mossy Hammock primitive camp area.

Bigfooting in Myakka State Park

This video is from Bill Brock. I gave him a ride from Tampa International Airport to the park. You will see me briefly in the beginning. It is the first tim Bill and Stacy Brown jr meet.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Skunka Ape video shot outside Myakka

A lady leaving Myakka State Park video taped what she thought was a bear. She had heard about the Bigfoot investigation and wondered if was the Bigfoot. There ARE NO BEAR in Myakka as one of the commentors points out. The park will verify that. This animal is walking on two legs the drops down. The location is at the brudge 1,000 feet from the park entrance. It likes Myakka was the spot.

MABRC censorship of Tim Fasano

The administration of MABRC, D.W. Lee, will not cover the Myakka situation on his forum because Tim Fasano is there. He says it is a publicity stunt for me. Oh really. This is what he had to say:
"Editor's Note: I have not been covering the current Myakka incidents ongoing at the moment due to the presence of Tim Fasano in the area, and the fact that this is turning more into a publicity thing for him. I am maintaining a database of the events should it turn out to be more, but at the moment, I will just post this."
Don't censor me...I may not like that
Gee, All I have done is praise Stacy, Josh, Terri, Kevin, Steve, Julio and others, as well as, TheSasquatchHunters and EnigmaticAnomalies. Stacy has been the bomb and a great asset to the Bigfoot world in how he has organized this event. He was able to get research groups to work together, and that ain't easy in the Bigfoot world.

Stacy Brown jr telling Kevin where the encoutner was at
Ask anyone there if I have tried to "hog the show." In fact, I have only put up a few videos and I'm posting everything the other guys are doing. Between the hours and days worked, the samples gathered, the witness statements taken, where was this publicity thing supposed to be going on. Most of the updates on Shawn's blog featured Stacy - as they should have. I was not the 'big shit' down there. I have no idea what D.W. Lee is talking about.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Bill Brock and Tim Fasano inside Myakka Park

This is Bill Brock and I cruising by the powerline and the famous sighting area in Myakka State Park. Bill came down from Maine to be part of this exciting event. He was a real cool dude, just like Stacey.

The Southern Bigfoot Boys

Stacey Brown jr and his goid ole' Boys came down from the panhandle of Florida to do an investigation of a recent Skunk Ape sighting put on YouTube. They also did primitive camping with us so we could get deep into the park.

In case you don't know, Stacey (far right) will be featured on two upcoming episodes of Animal Planet's FINDING BIGFOOT (tonight at 10 pm eastern - 7 pm pacific). He got clear night vision video of it in north Florida and team is investigating. Terri and Kevin from MUFON joined us (Terri is taking the photo).

We went backpacking for miles to get out to the Mossy Hammock camp in Myakka State Park. I was beat but it was worth it. For an urban cab driver to get completely away from city traffic and noise is a repose rarely experienced.

In the video below you can see the blood red moonrise on passover. The only way to see this is to get way out there. Did I mention stars like you have never seen while eating steak cooked on a campfire. It don't get any better then that.
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