Monday, March 18, 2013

Wild turkey and uptight people in Myakka River State Park

On this video exclusive to this blog you will see a pack of wild turkey. Myakka River State Park is just full of them and they don't seem to worried about humans, considering there is no hunting in the park. I was filming these birds Saturday waiting for Stacy Brown to show up so we could begin with Skunk Ape follow up investigation of the YouTube video when this lady stopped her car and began talking to me. Another car pulled up behind and started yelling in a New York accent about "move the car."
You drive all the way down to Florida to see wildlife in a beautiful park and you still act like you are in the city. Chill out, relax, and smell the roses. Pulling off the road is what you do down here. You want to get out of your car and see the nature. It worked the other day when a group of people saw a Bigfoot chasing after deer. This lady has no clue and you can hear her yelling on this video. Its just a few feet from where the skunk ape video was taken.

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