Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Bigfoot habituation in Florida

Kevin Thomas Kehl and others were in the Panhandle of Florida doing work on a "paranormal documentary." They were using professional cameras and not the home versions that most YouTubers' have (that explains the pro quality of the video). They came across a man who owns over 3,000 acres of land who has had a long term habituation with a small sasquatch. This has been going on for years and he has many tales of interaction with the Bigfoot.
I have always been skeptical of such stories but this guys sounds real and he had no reason to lie, unless he thought he was going to be on TV. I can usually tell when people are lying and this just seems to recount it very well.
He even says the Bigfoot eats dog food and fruit. It keeps its distance most of the time and observes "Williams" family from a distance. It even looks after his son when he waits for the school bus.
This is a very rural area of Florida (the same state where the Enoch habituation happened). There is tremendous cover and vegetation up there. With food and water this animal could stay hidden for a very long time. The only reason they see it is because it must want to be seen.

Please go to Kevin's YouTube site and subscribe. You will like what you see.

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