Sunday, March 31, 2013

George's false alarm with Bigfoot

For a moment, George thought he captured a Bigfoot video on the Savannah at Myakka River State Park. He was willing to go deep into the complex looking for us at Honore Camp. He did not know we were in a different sector. George is one cool dude going five miles deep alone. He is a key member of our group. I could not imagine him not being part of this. Great job George at the Myakka expedition!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stacey Brown jr in Myakka

This is Stacey Brown and his crew at the pavilion in Myakka State Park. Yes, that is Bill Brock from Maine who is on thr outs with Michael Merchant. Stacey is now with Team Tazer and Shaun won't post anything about Bill Brock because it upsets Michael. That's what gets me about liberals, they are fascist in shutting down free speech. Now you know, Brock is working with Stacey.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Myakka Skunk Ape expedition is on

All the planning is over. Teams are coming in from three states. Gear is being put together and we are stoked! The cooperation of different bigfoot groups will show the community this can be done. Videos and photos Tomorrow.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting ready for the Myakka Skunk Ape expedtion

This weekend should be wild man. Stacy Brown jr, and his crew, along with 30 researchers from around Florida, and from out of state, will hit Myakka River State Park for a Skunk Ape expedition. This has taken some planning and it may be the first time different groups have agreed to work together, and not let their egos get in the way. Will see if that really happens. I hope so.

I am picking up a researcher from out of State at Tampa International Airport and taking him to the expedition. We should arrive about mid-day. We will investigate the sighting area, then, backpack out to the primitive camping areas for night investigation. I should just leave my stuff up because we will camp out the next night, as well. Will see what happens.

We will also have a town hall meeting just like you see on TV. How cool is that! It seems many people in Myakka have had sightings and they are now willing to come forward and share their stories with researchers. That will be a lot of fun.

This video is Kevin using his thermal camera to test it on me in total darkness. The white tee shirt I have on really shows up well in the darkness. We will be using that extensively this weekend.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jungle Prada

Panfilo De Narvaez landed in Florida on April 15, 1528. From the site of this ancient indian village was launched the first exploration by the white man of the North American continent.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No human impact on Bigfoot hunting blind

A comment was left that pointed out something about the Sasquatch blind that I did not think of. Humans would have something to sit on considering they could be all day out there.

"Tim : No indentions or impressions from maybe a foldout chair or possible milk crate sized square inside blind ? Common for hunters or photographers...Just curious? I Understand no legal hunting is allowed... This seems pretty awesome and legit."

Monday, March 18, 2013

Wild turkey and uptight people in Myakka River State Park

On this video exclusive to this blog you will see a pack of wild turkey. Myakka River State Park is just full of them and they don't seem to worried about humans, considering there is no hunting in the park. I was filming these birds Saturday waiting for Stacy Brown to show up so we could begin with Skunk Ape follow up investigation of the YouTube video when this lady stopped her car and began talking to me. Another car pulled up behind and started yelling in a New York accent about "move the car."
You drive all the way down to Florida to see wildlife in a beautiful park and you still act like you are in the city. Chill out, relax, and smell the roses. Pulling off the road is what you do down here. You want to get out of your car and see the nature. It worked the other day when a group of people saw a Bigfoot chasing after deer. This lady has no clue and you can hear her yelling on this video. Its just a few feet from where the skunk ape video was taken.

Kevin and Tim taking a break

A new feature to this blog are going to be the exclusive videos uploaded ONLY TO THIS BLOG! Now how cool is that! By coming here you will be able to see videos not seen on YouTube and videos that show outtakes and good stuff we just want you guys to see. It is our way of saying thanks for stopping by.
This video was taken last February on the day Obama was inagurated. We were in the well fields in Pasco county where there had been a recent Skunk Ape sighitng Kevin told me about. We sat down to take a break and eat a snack. The three hour hike did not yield much. The water source we had seen on Google Earth showed no signs of any Bigfoot or primate activity. That is the way it goes in this business. You must do the leg work.

Myakka River State Park Bigfoot investigation

This is us at the Myakka Skunk Ape sighting area. Stacey Brown and his cool group of guys, Mike, who shot the video, with his awsome family, and Tim Fasano at the sighting area. Like Steve Kulls on the ground is the only way to investigate a Bigfoot sighting.

We were getting ready to head out and you can see Stacey talking to Shaun on the phone. How cool is that. I shot tons of HD video and now believe Mike did shoot a real Skunk Ape. What I will be posting will blow your mind. His discovery validates much of what I am doing two since 2009. What you will see in the coming days is real. I believe Mike shot a Bigfoot in Myakka State park and what you will see is real and witnessed by others. It was not some Fasano hoax. Stay tuned.




Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why we focus on the Green Swamp

I am mostly confining my searches for Bigfoot or the Florida Skunk Ape in the Watershed areas of Florida primarily the Green Swamp in Polk and Lake Counties and the Myakka River valley in Sarasota. This is logical, for a large primate needs an abundance of water to survive. With the current drought, his area is becoming tighter and favorable for Bigfoot hunters. The reasons for looking in the Green Swamp of Florida are clear.
The Green Swamp System ranks possibly second only to the Florida Everglades in terms of hydrologic and environmental significance to the state. Overlying an important zone of groundwater recharge for peninsular Florida and the highest elevation potentiometric surface of the Floridan Aquifer, the Green Swamp ecosystem is important to the preservation of clean potable groundwater supplies. As noted above, the Swamp also includes the headwaters of various rivers including the Hillsborough, Withlacoochee, Little Withlacoochee, Oklawaha and Peace.
In the upper reaches of the Green Swamp River Systems, the floodplain forests and swamps promote natural detention of flood waters and provide habitat for many wildlife species. In addition to the rivers and their associated floodplains, habitats within the Green Swamp River Systems include a mosaic of cypress and hardwood forests, pine flatwood, prairies and sandhills.

A Bigfoot habituation in Florida

Kevin Thomas Kehl and others were in the Panhandle of Florida doing work on a "paranormal documentary." They were using professional cameras and not the home versions that most YouTubers' have (that explains the pro quality of the video). They came across a man who owns over 3,000 acres of land who has had a long term habituation with a small sasquatch. This has been going on for years and he has many tales of interaction with the Bigfoot.
I have always been skeptical of such stories but this guys sounds real and he had no reason to lie, unless he thought he was going to be on TV. I can usually tell when people are lying and this just seems to recount it very well.
He even says the Bigfoot eats dog food and fruit. It keeps its distance most of the time and observes "Williams" family from a distance. It even looks after his son when he waits for the school bus.
This is a very rural area of Florida (the same state where the Enoch habituation happened). There is tremendous cover and vegetation up there. With food and water this animal could stay hidden for a very long time. The only reason they see it is because it must want to be seen.

Please go to Kevin's YouTube site and subscribe. You will like what you see.
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