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Musky Allen issues statement about Bigfoot body

What Musky Allen probably saw in Las Vegas - Bigfoot?

Musky Allen went to Las Vegas the other night and was shown a Bigfoot by Rick Dyer and others at an undisclosed location. Allen is a leading Bigfoot skeptic and is sort of an apostate, considering he was once an active Bigfoot researcher studying under the great Rene Dehinden, it makes his story fascinating. This is a complicated issue with much at stake for the sanity of the paranormal/Bigfoot community. I will try to make sense of it based on my own knowledge and experience. (I have no inside information. I have asked Rick Dyer to not tell me what is going on. That would make me an insider of which I am not) There are only three possibilities for what happened the other night in Las Vegas:

  1. Musky Allen Saw a Bigfoot
  2. Musky Allen thought he saw a Bigfoot
  3. Musky Allen is lying about seeing a Bigfoot

Lets examine the last two: Musky Allen thought he saw a Bigfoot. That is more then possible considering the amount of money that Rick's investors and Minnow Films stand to make off of a documentary called Of Monsters and Men that shows a real Bigfoot.

SurrogatesThere is a company called Anatomical Surrogates that does just that. They can make full size, real featured replicas of humans and any animal. The surrogates contain bone and animal organs. The skin and hair is real, and to the untrained eye, they look real as hell. A $200,000 investment could get you a Bigfoot that veterinarians could perform a necropsy on and be ten minutes into it and not know it was fake. Even their tissue samples would be a positive in the lab results.

"Anatomical Surrogate Technologies specializes in manufacturing anatomic and bio-mechanical human surrogates used human substitutes for consumers and military product testing...The models produced encompass surrogate bones, flesh, skin, ligaments, and tendons replicating human biomechanics. Company aims to develop the next generation of human anthropomorphic test devices (ATD?s) which will have applications in automotive, aviation and aerospace crash testing as well as medical & surgical training."  www.epicos.com

I believe it is more then likely that this is what Musky saw in Las Vegas at the undisclosed location.

Another part to all of this was the delay in showing Musky Allen the body. They had to wait at a coffee house before the "man" showed up. Then Musky was led down a long corridor and still had to wait. That was similar to Tom Biscardi in 2008 being run all over the place and not showing him the body until late at night in someones garage with a naked light bulb as the only light source.

Two: Musky Allen is lying about seeing a Bigfoot. My understanding is Allen has shown fake photos before to get a rise out of BF people to try and fool them. Could he have such disdain for BF people that he would go to this extent to make fools out of everyone? People I have talked with believe this is more then possible. He really thinks that Rene waisted his life looking for Bigfoot because other Bigfoot people lied and hoaxed evidence, and this may be some type of revenge.

Three: Musky Allen saw a real Bigfoot. I don't believe this at all. If they have a "carbon based unit" it could be human. Musky described a human type animal. It could be a deformed human. That would be murder on all involved. The fact that scientist are not involve makes me think it is not real. I did hear the body was located at Brigham Young University. I don't buy that because the publicity would have leaked big-time. Everyone in the world has an internet connection and there would have been leaks.

Rick said Musky Allen cried when he saw it. His emotions were real. That does sound believable. I have listened to the FB/FB interview and I don't detect any deception. He could be the greatest liar in the world but somehow I don't think so. He genuinely believes he saw something there is just too much detail.

I lean toward the anatomical surrogate angle. That is the only one that makes sense. They won't show the body, so here we go again. That seems to be the typical formula for these types of hoaxes. The five steps of a hoax may have a new step...recruit a critic to back your story. If anything, this tale has given us a new step in the process of detecting hoaxes.

What I find strange is none of the major blogs are reporting on this. That is all politics and just wrong. This is a major story even if they don't want to believe it. I know what's like to be ignored by the blogs, they do it to me based on non-Bigfoot reasons.

Watch this video of ANATOMICAL SURROGATES TECHNOLOGY doing research on the JFK assassination.

 Firm (Anatomical Surrogates Technology) sets out to test whether the single bullet theory, as laid out in the Warren Commission Report and the HSCA report, is indeed feasible and correct.


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Good little article and I buy it. There are too many hoax hints and signs to make this believable. Either Musky is in on it or he's been used as a pawn. Or facebook/findbigfoot is in on it and used the troll Musky to establish himself as the firm hardcore non believer, so that Dick Dyer could then come along, pick him up and show the world that a known skeptic is now a believer; and as you say in your article, give him instant credibility on his purported bigfoot.

BillyBob S.

Funny How he has gotten some dude that MOST folks have Never heard of!!! He has No medical physicians or Scientist to verify any of his Crap!! Jus what it is... a load of crap so he can profit on the movie coming out!! Who knows & Who CARES!!!


I really see no use in all the lie tactics everyone seems to be coming up with. What would be the point? Everyone's credibility goes down the drain, not just Rick Dyers shaky one. I can't imagine spending all the time, money and energy all these serious squatchers do to only fabricate a lie. It would only make them bigger laughing stalks then they already are to most of the non-believing world. I personally hope it is true. Time will tell.


4. "Musky Allen" Doesn't exist. The voice sounds a lot like Biscardi's and those pics of him with Dyer could be any one of Dyers hick friends.


I will never cease to be amazed as to what lengths some will go to explain certain phenomenon. Lets assume that Rick Dyer did spend 200,000 and had Anatomical Surrogates manufacture a lifelike Bigfoot body.

Ok, so what is the plan thereafter? How do you parlay that 200,000 'investment' into a million dollar baby? The simple answer is: you can't! It just isn't going to happen because it won't pass dna tests or a 'complete' autopsy. @00,000 just isn't in the budget for a fraud that won't even cover the expences!!

I'll admit that it is a little unnerving when the Biggest Bigfoot sceptic makes a 180 like this, but money can't be the motive....unless it is all true and there really is a body.

You have to think logically even if the subject matter seems illogical. Did Dyer also spend and additional sum of money to hire an actor and a professional makeup team to get make his 'Tent Video'? Can you imagine pulling something like that off without anyone leaking the truth? Security would be on the level of the Manhattan Project..It is simply out of the realm of Dyers capabilities and budget to fake the whole event..

I personally believe there is a government 'think tank' team already assembled trying to figure out how to spin this one out of existence..and in that they control the Media, it doesn't really matter how neatly they clean things up if noone reports it nationally..


Horsegirl has it right. Why go through all this hassle and hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce yet another hoax that is only going to discredit everyone involved? It is illogical.

About that Government 'spin team' obviously the first thing they do is steal the body! Remember Dyers 2008 still shot of Bigfoot in the freezer? When I mentioned it to a friend he said he had seen it and it was obviously a rubber monkey suit floating in water.. I backtracked and discovered that there were suddenly TWO videos?? The original one and then an even funkier one that was being splashed a over the news.

My question then was: why do we need a second video if the first one was fake? Or wasn't it fake enough?


Curious of why TF say's "Three: Musky Allen saw a real Bigfoot. I don't believe this at all" Is he admitting he doesn't believe in BF? Is he just doing all this to make money by giving potential tours? or Fame?

The Anatomical Surrogates available are like the one's in the YouTube video not like in the top pic. Thats the poster for the movie Surragates starring Bruce Willis. IGN.com is a Video Game company.

I don't know if RD or TB had Sk out the hoax in 2008 because it became bigger then they expected and don't want it anymore or not... but I kinda think so.

Contrevercy Sells! So is this what it is all about? Was it to show he (RD) can act to gain the new show he annouced that will be coming up..(Rick did say this new show was talked about before the shooting of the potential real BF)....believe he said something like "Searching for Bigfoot"? Or Was this done for the Movie that BBC "Monsters and Men"? I'm thinking more the latter.

I've sat on the fence for a while now. Thought alot of what the end result is ment to be. I believe that RD is a man like any other that wants to gain as much as the next man. Is he honorable in everyone's eye's? I doubt it. Does he care to be? I doubt that too... atleast he wouldn't want us to think so. I think he is tired of the whole thing and is looking forward to the end so he can relax ..soak in the good stuff that is ment to come his way...or what he planned to come his way or what he was told would come his way.

I believe there are BF's in the world and I hope the next person that thinks he is going to run out to get a BF body stops and thinks it through before he even steps a toenail out the frontdoor.

We haven't determined positively for sure yet if they are BEAST or more HUMAN like then a Chip. (Search on Youtube "Nina at Edan" and watch her care for her baby). Tell me they don't have feelings.

So here's my 2 cents on what should happen if RD doesn't have a TRUE BF BODY. Neccessary planning! A place to keep a BF while we study it. The BF should be Tranquilized not MURDERED. It would be Murder if anyone goes out and shoots one at this point. We Tranq all other BEAST/ANIMALS why not a BF? We can't expect them to leave a collar around their neck or ankle ...you and I both know they would do anything to take it off..just like we would. I'm sure there is another way like a micro-chip implant. They should have reputal people take pictures, video's...document and make it public of what they truly are. There needs to be several that can speak a varity of Languages to try and communicate with BF. Then take it back home and set it free.

Question is once this is done what will BF researchers do next? They can continue to learn more about their habits, the way they live, their culture (if they are a human type species). Their history if they have a record of it. Try and work with them (not convert them). Learn if their are different nationalities or/and regionities?? LOL I'm sure they vary just like we do. There will be much more to do, so gaining a live one will not be the end of the mistery. Beside's we always have UFO's..LOL

I will say we need to think about what is "A real BF body" to each of us. That will be the trick question at the end. Real body of what...BF what is a BF? etc...I believe if what MA saw, what RD says, What FB/FB has been told and what TF and SK believe may all have a common connection in someway and that will be one of many things we are left to think about in the end. Not just Why...because the Why can be easy to see, hear and imagine...the truth is what we seek and will be left thinking about. If RD does have a REAL BF BODY... we will still have a lot to learn. Hopefully no one is ready to go out and Murder a BF and leave us asking the same questions. Lets show we are humans through our humanity, and genorosity!

Blessings to you all!

Fai Mao


You are real humane. Yeah, if its human just cage it and study it.

If I were in that position I'd rather they just shoot me

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