"I do believe there's a Skunk Ape in these woods"
Bigfoot along the railroad tracks like Rick Dyer in Texas?

Live in field Saturday

I should get it right this time. I will be live Saturday around 10 in the morning. The warm weather has offset the normal migration period and I think they are on the move now.

You will be able to follow on this blog with exclusive photos and video not found on YouTube! Be the first to see this.

The area is a swamp that I know is along a trackway. Let's make Saturday a good day for Bigfoot.


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Have you or anyone thought of having a Bigfoot decoy? Deer hunters use plastic deer; duck hunters use plastic ducks. Why not have a suit or a Bigfoot manikin to lure one in? Historically, trail cams have not worked, and I would be surprised if you get one up close. Anything is possible but I think Bigfoot hunters need to think outside the box. I dunno. Big foots are keeping their distance from trail cams. They are too smart (smartsquatch). Their is always hope that a dumbsquatch will stick their face 5 feet in front of the camera.

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